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Hi there and welcome to The Pop Up Photographer, where I, Emma, am dedicated to being your trusted pet photographer. Combining my passion for photography and pets, at The Pop-Up Photographer, my goal is to capture the unique personalities of your dogs and horses, transforming those cherished moments into stunning wall art for you to enjoy every day.

As a fellow dog and horse owner, I understand. Our furry friends aren’t just pets; they’re family. That’s why I ensure every photoshoot is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both you and your pets. You can choose a location that holds special meaning to you or explore exciting new spots among the many beautiful locations in the North West. Thank you for considering The Pop-Up Photographer as your go-to pet photographer.

Immortalizing the playful spirit and unique personality of your dog, I create a fun and engaging photography experience. Capturing their spontaneous moments and expressions, each photo celebrates the joy and bond you share with your canine companion.
Documenting the thrill of field sports, my photography captures the essence of this sporting event. I emphasise the action, emotion, and camaraderie of the day, ensuring each photo reflects the excitement and spirit of these dynamic moments with your working dog.
My equine photography sessions are tailored to honour the grace and soul of your horse. I focus on creating a calm and natural setting, ensuring your horse shines in every image, capturing their unique elegance and the special connection you share.

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Our photo adventures take place in some of the most beautiful spots in the UK. Each location is chosen for its stunning scenery – perfect for capturing your pet in all seasons, from the springtime bluebells to the autumnal woodlands.

Personalised Photoshoots for Your Pet

Every pet is unique, and I tailor my approach to suit their individual personality. For dogs, I match their energy and style to capture their true character. When photographing horses, I take extra care to ensure they’re comfortable with me and the camera, so we can get the best shots in a calm and stress-free environment.

Let’s capture the heart and soul of your pet in a photograph you’ll treasure forever.




Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings

I had a Photoshoot with Ema and my two cobs back in summer. Ema was so professional and nothing was to much trouble. Ema took her time and managed to capture my boys perfectly. Ema was brilliant after the shoot the photos came through quickly and she took the time to help me decide which final pictures to choose, even sending me mock ups of what they would look like so I could visualise them. I would highly recommend Ema and the pop up photographer to anyone wanting a nice relaxed shoot with amazing results.
Lindsay Sullivan

Lindsay Sullivan

Emma has taken photos of both horses and dogs for me and honestly the results have got me all emotional! The images, poises, moments that she captures are so special and so perfectly capture the animals and their characters. Emma's photos really prove that a picture can say a thousand words! Also have found Emma to be extremely professional and it's really clear that she is so passionate about her work. Highly recommended!
Jane Fitch

Jane Fitch

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Emma on a dog photoshoot with our lovely girl. The afternoon was a wonderful experience in a wonderful location with every kind of weather!! Emma's warmth and approach made us all feel at ease and made it all feel so natural . I had given a brief on the type of photos we were after and Emma had clearly taken all this on board to ensure we got everything we wanted and more out of the shoot. Each photo was carefully considered to ensure the best picture was captured. Not only have great photos been created but also fantastic memories of a wonderful experience shared with our special girl.

Stunningly exectuted


The love of a horse is an incredible thing, to have tamed and earnt the trust of such a magnificent creature is a feat truly worth celebrating.


Studio Pet Photography


Choosing a studio photoshoot is a great way to create truly stunning piece of artwork with your dog as the star.


Reserve your spot now and join me in immortalising the playful spirit and unwavering loyalty of your dog. Discover the magic of canine photography, capturing moments of love and companionship.


Book a session today and let’s create stunning, heartfelt portraits that reflect the grace and bond you share with your horse. Experience the art of equine photography with a touch of elegance and emotion.


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Together, let's create lasting memories with your beloved pets. I am excited to be part of your story, capturing moments that will be cherished for years to come.