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My photography services extend beyond individual sessions to encompass the dynamic and captivating world of equestrian and canine events. This includes Training Clubs, Training Days, Charity Events, Competition Photography, Field Trials, and Shooting Events for dogs. Each of these events offers a unique opportunity to observe and capture the progression and skills of both horses and dogs.


The Pop Up Photographer


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Training Clubs and Days

Watching horses and dogs learn and develop during training days is a joy. Whether it’s a young horse taking its first confident strides or a dog mastering a new command, these moments are precious. My photography services for training days are designed to capture these milestones, offering various pricing options to meet your needs:

  • Full Day Rate: For £550, the organizer will receive all photos in high-resolution quality, available to share with all participants.
  • Reduced Day Rate: At £300, the club receives access to all full-quality, un-watermarked photos for commercial use, including club publications, websites, and social media. Participants can purchase individual photos from the gallery.
  • Social Media Rate: Priced at £150, the club will receive watermarked photos for social media use, with the option for the club and individual participants to buy specific event photos.



Zoe Hastings

Zoe Hastings

I had a Photoshoot with Ema and my two cobs back in summer. Ema was so professional and nothing was to much trouble. Ema took her time and managed to capture my boys perfectly. Ema was brilliant after the shoot the photos came through quickly and she took the time to help me decide which final pictures to choose, even sending me mock ups of what they would look like so I could visualise them. I would highly recommend Ema and the pop up photographer to anyone wanting a nice relaxed shoot with amazing results.
Lindsay Sullivan

Lindsay Sullivan

Emma has taken photos of both horses and dogs for me and honestly the results have got me all emotional! The images, poises, moments that she captures are so special and so perfectly capture the animals and their characters. Emma's photos really prove that a picture can say a thousand words! Also have found Emma to be extremely professional and it's really clear that she is so passionate about her work. Highly recommended!
Lucy Jane

Lucy Jane

Absolutely fantastic service from Emma. From the initial shoot being professional but fun and easy-going to ordering the framed photos I could not be happier. She captured the characters of my boys perfectly in every photo and the framed prints are fantastic quality. Definitely recommend. Thank you Emma

Shooting Days For Dogs


Capturing the intensity and focus of dogs during field trials and shooting days is a unique challenge that I enthusiastically embrace. These events showcase the incredible training and partnership between dogs and their handlers. I offer discreet and respectful coverage of these events, ensuring the galleries remain private and viewable only by the participants. This service ensures that the special moments of these events are captured tastefully and with the utmost regard for the privacy and preferences of all involved.



Charity events and competitions are not just about winning but also about community, sportsmanship, and the joy of participating. Whether it’s a local club competition or a charity event aiming to raise awareness and funds, my photography aims to encapsulate the spirit and excitement of these gatherings.


To ensure that your event’s photography needs are fully met, I offer customizable packages and encourage early discussions to plan the perfect coverage. Whether you are organizing a training day, field trial, or a special charity event, reach out to discuss how we can work together to capture the essence of your occasion.


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Capture the spirit of your equestrian or canine event with professional, empathetic photography that honors every jump, dash, and shared moment of triumph. Get in touch to book my services for your next event and create lasting memories.