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If you’re immersed in the world of field sports in the North West, you understand the importance of every moment on the field – the discipline, the excitement, and the bond between you and your dog. Capturing these moments, however, requires more than just a quick snap of your camera. As a professional field sport documentary photographer, my role is to encapsulate the essence of these experiences in a way that truly represents the spirit of the sport and your connection with it.

Your field sport adventures are more than just a hobby; they’re a testament to your dedication and the unique bond you share with your dog. Whether it’s the focused gaze of your Spaniel awaiting your command, the graceful stride of your Lurcher in full sprint, or the proud stance of your Miniature Dachshund, each moment tells a part of your story. For more information on you local professional  Field Sports Photographer please contact me today.


The Pop Up Photographer



Professional, Unobtrusive Shooting Photography

With my unobtrusive approach, I aim to document these moments without disrupting the natural flow of your sport. My focus is on capturing the raw, authentic scenes of the field – the concentration, the action, and the camaraderie. This is where my expertise as a professional comes into play. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about understanding the sport and its participants, and capturing the moments that truly matter.




Stephanie Davey

Stephanie Davey

I had a Photoshoot with Ema and my two cobs back in summer. Ema was so professional and nothing was to much trouble. Ema took her time and managed to capture my boys perfectly. Ema was brilliant after the shoot the photos came through quickly and she took the time to help me decide which final pictures to choose, even sending me mock ups of what they would look like so I could visualise them. I would highly recommend Ema and the pop up photographer to anyone wanting a nice relaxed shoot with amazing results.
Lindsay Sullivan

Lindsay Sullivan

Emma has taken photos of both horses and dogs for me and honestly the results have got me all emotional! The images, poises, moments that she captures are so special and so perfectly capture the animals and their characters. Emma's photos really prove that a picture can say a thousand words! Also have found Emma to be extremely professional and it's really clear that she is so passionate about her work. Highly recommended!
Lucy Jane

Lucy Jane

Absolutely fantastic service from Emma. From the initial shoot being professional but fun and easy-going to ordering the framed photos I could not be happier. She captured the characters of my boys perfectly in every photo and the framed prints are fantastic quality. Definitely recommend. Thank you Emma

Tailored to You


Each field sports photography session is tailored to highlight the unique aspects of your field sport experience. We will work together to find the perfect setting and moment, ensuring that the photographs reflect the true character and personality of you and your dog in action. The goal is to create a collection of images that not only document but also celebrate your passion for the sport.

Game Shooting Photography, Black and White smoking gun

Photography Focused on


An integral part of field sport photography is capturing the Guns on peg. This aspect focuses on the shooters in action, highlighting their stance, precision, and concentration. It’s about showcasing the skill and the intensity of the moment when a shooter is in perfect harmony with their environment. The photographs aim to capture the anticipation, the action, and the satisfaction of a well-executed shot, offering a unique perspective on the sport.


After selecting your photoshoot, we’ll have a pre-shoot consultation to customize the experience. On the day, we ensure both you and your dog are comfortable before beginning. Post-shoot, enjoy a sneak peek via social media or email, with a full gallery available within three weeks. We’ll then collaborate to design a bespoke piece of wall art to complement your home and honor your dog’s personality.


To ensure the best results, please have your dog groomed and clean. Owners should dress smartly but appropriately for the outdoors. Candid shots often capture the most precious moments, so with your permission, we’ll look for those special interactions between you and your dog.


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Booking and Travel Details
A £30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. This amount is credited towards your photoshoot. The Pop Up Photographer offers dog photography in Cumbria, Lancashire, and North Yorkshire, with travel costs included up to 25 miles from Milnthorpe. For locations further afield, an additional travel charge of 40p per mile applies.

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